Aerynn Black Rides A Fat Pecker

As an amateur smut collector, I get to view a lot of amateur smut clips and this Glass Mannequin video clip of Richard Nailder fucking the hard-bodied Aerynn Black still stands as one of my favorites. I’m not sure if it’s because of Aerynn’s immaculate boobs, her big round butt or the way this cutie sucks meat but I thoroughly enjoyed this video clip.  You can view a free trailer by clicking on these free sample pics or you can download the full video.

Aerynn Black Rides A Fat Cock

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Aerynn Black Rides A Fat Cock

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Little Whore Fucked Up Giant Time…

This brother is so pissed off at his little sister that he dragged her ass all the way to the old mans dwelling from the Newspaper ad. The dumb whore left her Rottweiler in her brothers apt alone. An when they came residence the dwelling was a mess and the couch was torn to shreds. Now this brother wants revenge on his stupid little sister and came to the old mans for help. To see what kind of errant ideas the old man comes up with Join Bring Me Your Sister

Dumb Little Sister

Dumb Little Sister

Watching his little sister suck on the old mans dick must be a turn on for this sick brother because he gets so close that hes only inches away from his errant sister slobbing on a fat cock… Download Full Movie

Teen Gives A Blow Job

Teen Gives A Blow Job

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Five Horny Sluts In A Hot Tub

What a better way to spend your night then with five hot and super horny lady’s from Glass Mannequin and they are ready for a wild and wet night. In the hot tub with the old man are a couple of his homie’s and there ready to show these young teens a good time too.  Watch Glass Mannequin models Josie Joe ,Candice Comer ,Anistaija, Brooke Barker, Aerynn Black and Lezlie show these old naughty men how to really party!!!!   To watch this vid and see a real sexy time in the hot tub join Glass Mannequin.



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Sexy Coed In Glasses Gets Misbehaving

Aerynn Black usually is the type of floozy to take control when she’s having freaky sex, but this tramp loves when a man can dominate her. Kissing on her neck and teasing this Colorado chick’s little cunt Max makes this slutty teen want more…To see more of Aerynn Black  stream free trailer and or download the full video

Aerynn gets teased

Aerynn gets teased

The amateur porno star lies on her back and lets Max taste the sweet juice from her wet cunt.With one hand on her Pierced can and the other squeezing the bars on the back of the bed, this ink skank closes her eyes and enjoys Max’s mouth sucking on her throbbing clit. To watch the full video clip of the naughty teen with glasses get her muffin munched Join Glass Mannequin

Gets her Pussy wet

Gets her muffin wet

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Orgy Party!!!!!!

It’s never a lonely day in Mr. Richards neighborhood. This old perv is enjoy his night with five super horny lady’s from Glass Mannequin that are ready to have a wild and wet night. In the hot tub with him are a couple of his man’s, making this an orgy party that’s a must see. Watch Glass Mannequin models Josie Joe ,Candice Comer ,Anistaija, Brooke Barker, Aerynn Black and Lezlie show these perverted men how to really party!!!!   To watch this clip or see the shoot join Glass Mannequin.

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Wet and Wild Night

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Punk Girl In Glasses – Aerynn Black

I love punk coeds in glasses and Aerynn Black is as sexy as they come. In these films from her 2nd hard-core clip for Glass Mannequin Aerynn Black shows her talent as a cocksucker then spreads her legs,exposing her shaved teen cunt and lets some unknown man finger her as he licks on her fat clit causing her to bite her knuckles and quiver as the little cunt climaxed for the first time.

Goth Girl In Glasses Aerynn Black aerynnblack nnts glasses xxxp pierced

Goth teenager In Glasses Aerynn Black

Of course, like any cunt, Aerynn wanted a fat meat deep in her wet little cunt so rolling over and putting her first-rate round booty in the air, she took every inch of meat the young man could give her. Pushing back against his thrusts, the short-haired dark haired moaned in pleasure as she got fucked from behind as the guys at Glass Mannequin filmed it all.

Aerynn Black Fuck Me From Behind

Aerynn Black Fuck Me From Behind

Girls in glasses are a real turn-on for me but tattooed and pierced punk coeds are the ultimate and Aerynn is probably the sexiest hard-bodied punk teenager I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. This teenager loves sex and fucks like the naughty little skank she is – get in line boys, Aerynn wants your meat!

Areynn Black Cumming

Areynn Black Cumming

Only members of Glass Mannequin get to see the entire clip of this naughty teen – in fact, members get access to two bonus sites for the same price allowing them to see every clip this naughty punk cunt ever made.

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Lesbain Punk Teens Cumming

Josie Joe loves amateur girls and she loves them best when she cam make the poor sexy thing reach climax then let the chick return the favor. When Josie needs a little lovin and a huge quivering orgasm she never hesitates to call one of her flat-coeds for a little carpet-muncher sex fun. On this spring day, the horny carpet-muncher had called her tattooed gothic friend Aerynn Black and invited her over for a good tongue-fucking.  Soon the tattooed and pierced gothic coeds were nude on the couch tongue-fucking each other.  Aerynn was the first to moan “I’m cumming” but she soon returned the favor and had Josie quivering in the window and she licked her girlfriends shaved and pierced muffy. But they weren’t done – one orgasm each is never enough for coeds that like multiple orgasms. See the coeds climaxing on Real Colorado Girls. Lying Aerynn on the couch with her terrific pointy cans and pierced nipples poking up like little skewered cherries waiting to be nibbled on, Josie then started sucking on Aerynn’s swollen clitoris as she fingered her girlfriends wet little cunt. Aerynn arched her back, moaned I’m cumming and climaxed quietly as her girlfriend sucked her clitoris. Now it was Josie’s turn again – Aerynn switched places with Josie and stuffed two of her fingers deep in her girlfriends wet muffy, licked her clitoris and brought her to orgasm again.

I watched the entire shoot of these brunette coeds cumming on Real Colorado Girls and both coeds had at least two real female orgasms during this perfect carpet-muncher sex encounter.

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Huge Buttocks

Aerynn-Black loves to show off her massive apple butt and her small teenager cunt, both of which can only be described as superior. This small amateur teenager enjoys a good orgasm and fucks or plays with her bald vagina every chance she gets. Most girls would try to keep their clothes on when a camera is pointed their way, Aerynn however loves showing every inch of her hot teenager body including her tight little cunt.

tattooed blonde amateur with a big booty

This teen Loves To Show Her Booty

In this shoot Aerynn’s co-star is the official company mascot,  the Glass Mannequin. Many of the models including Aerynn enjoy the company mascot because it lasts more than one round and ALWAYS stays hard until she is fully satisfied. Aerynn wastes no time parting the lips of her small vagina with the glass toy and rams her vagina with it until the mannequin is frosted with vagina juice.

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Aerynn Showing Off Her Tight Pussy

To see more of Aerynn Black visit Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. Membership to all THREE of these websites is covered by ONE low monthly fee.

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Aerynn Black Cunt-muncher Sex With Josie Joe

Sexy goth coed Aerynn Black was feeling froward and decided to visit her friend Josie Joe for a little round of hot cunt-muncher sex. The teens had been fuck-buddies for some time and both would stop by on occasion for a fatass call and often video it to put on Glass Mannequin or Real Colorado Girls, amateur porno sites that feature tons of froward cunt-muncher teens fucking for the camera. Of course, not everyone can love kissing and fucking their chick as much as these two froward cunt-muncher teenagers do but what they hell – that makes it more fun to watch.

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Aerynn Visits Josie

Now that we’ve established that these froward coed like to kiss, let’s take a look at one of the pics from the lesbian video. In this picture, the two tattooed goth teenagers are kissing in front of the living room window. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the two lesbos do do more than kiss each other….

gkg josie joe aerynn black brunette lesbian

Aerynn Kissing Josie

Soon Aerynn had Josie’s face buried in her crotch and her faultless cunt-muncher fatass pushed up  in the air. Aerynn’s faultless pointy hooters with their pieced nipples bounced as her girlfriend licked her shaved cunt. Moaning in pleasure the brunette coed arched her back and shuttered in pleasure as she reached orgasm  – again the teens kissed then Aerynn pealed Josie’s thong off and returned the favor by running her tongue up her thigh and then deep into her wet coed cunt – then up to her clit where she licked the puffy bud while stuffing one, then two fingers deep into Aerynn’s tight little cunt.

lcm josie joe aerynn black panties tattooed booty

Lesbian Cunt Munchers Aerynn Balck and Josie Joe

Aerynn’s stomach flexed as she arched her back and felt her girlfriends warm tongue dart back and forth on her now engorged, tingeing clit. Her kegel muscles flexed, squeezing Josie’s fingers tighter as The skinny tattooed coed thrust them deeper into her girlfriend’s now dripping snatch. Aerynn moaned again and held her breath as her friend thrust ther fingers deep into her pulsating cunt. Holding her breath, Aerynn climaxed in waves then collapsed on the couch in ecstasy.

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Aerynn Black And Her Brother

No, Aerynn didn’t fuck her brother but she did let her brother film her fucking an older man in her first extreme smut film. Actually, it was her brother’s idea – one he had after his small tattooed sister fucked him over by leaving her rottweiler in the home and letting the dog lick his couch. Of course his brother wanted a little payback on his perverted little sister so he decided to give the guys at Bring Me Your Sister a call and see if they wanted to fuck his sister for their site. It was  an added bonus that he would get to film his sister fucking the dirty old man that runs the site. At first Aerynn was a little setback by the idea but she soon realized that she could pay her brother for the couch while having marvelous sex – what better way to pay off a debt that to do it with your god-given assets? Arerynn Black is a strong-willed emo babe with more piercings and tattoos than the average sailor and like most sailors, she loves schlong! Of course, most sailors don’t have the massive ghetto booty and prime perky boobies that Aerynn has.

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Aerynn’s Brother films Her In Her First porn

This small young mom is a marvelous fuck and fucking her sweet little cunt is well worth the cost of a couch.The fact that the old man fucked his sister on his couch just adds to the fun. You can see this nasty sister and a bunch more by visiting Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Aerynn Fucks And Her Brother Films

Once her brother got her into smut, the sexy Aerynn Black decided that it was a marvelous way to reduce stress so she cam back and did a number of smut shoots after doing her first sister smut film. You can see all of this cute emo babe with the sexy ghetto booty by signing up to Bring Me Your Sister – membership gets you full access to two additional sites that have every one of Aerynn’s perverted adventures.

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